So.. I know this is really lame but I need some help. I’ve been staying with a friend for the past few months because I was kicked out of my home. It’s been the most comfortable time of my entire life. I’ve been able to go outside and live a normal life since I was thrown out and I’ve become happier to the point of where I’m actually kind of thankful for it. But now I have a problem. While I’ve been trying to save money to move into a place of my own, I’ve hit some bumps. Between only being given 8 hours a week at work the past month and other things, I’m not making much at all. Definitely not enough to move out, and it’s even harder when I have no friends in real life (Almost all of my friends are online, I’m sure some of you can relate) to move out with so I basically have to find some creep on craigslist to move out with. Anyway, the point of all this is I need to make more money to move out on my own from here. I don’t want to be even more of a burden on the family that was kind enough to take me in, especially with a baby on the way. So, I’m (trying) to do commissions again to at least try to save a few month’s rent  while I continue to try to get another job. 

I’ll draw you guys anything for whatever you want to pay. Everything is appreciated. I don’t really care how many characters or anything, and am open to trying whatever you want. Willing to gif and non-gif, mspaint or normal lines. Please fanmail me if you’re interested! Thank you for your time.